Expense tracking as easy as chatting

Use simple text and emojis like Donut Pizza 10$ ” for recording your expense. Automatic reporting based on #hashTags and emoji.

Simple as Chatting

Just chat your expense on app. We take care creating expenses and report out of it.

Make tags

Create your expense lines with emojis and hash tags. And review the monthly report of it. Add multiple emojis or tags for each expense line. All emojis and hash tags are shown in the report. So you can compare your monthly expense on Donut

"Green tea morning GreenTea 10$ at Costa #health #refresh”.

Challenge yourself

Set a challenge on tags expenses and track, It helps you to control habits.

" #health, Family, Donut ".


Create different topics to track and report expenses separately. Invite people to contribute on different topics.

" Work, Family Family, Party Cake ".


Quick overview of your hashtag or emojis report on iOS Widgets and on Apple Watch. You can customise the what report you want to see on widget or watch.

Record as Chat

Fly Cash app wants to improve your expense tracking routine and help you understand where your money flies. We have used the power A.I concept to improve the app experience. A dedicated team at Roanuz is going crazy to make this better everyday.


Access from anywhere

Will be available for free on iPhone, iPad, Watch, Android and Web. works seamlessly across all major devices.